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Fully managed transactional email from design to delivery and ongoing support.

Data-Driven Design

Beautiful responsive email templates built around the real data already flowing from your application. They're tested across a wide variety of email clients and constantly against your mailstream. Ongoing changes are charged hourly.

Domain Setup

We'll register a new .email domain name and configure it for multiple ESPs based on the type of email you're sending and provider reliability and performance. This includes click proxying to avoid spam filters and email security like SPF and DKIM to ensure high deliverability.

Delivery and Analytics

Our simple REST API allows you to send email merely by providing the name of an email and the neccessary data, we'll handle compiling and delivering your email, open and click tracking and monitor your domain reputation for any issues.

What is a managed .email domain?

If your domain name is


We'll create and manage


This ensures that all your email authentication standards are updated in real time, that pixel and click tracking works without triggering spam filters or ad-blockers, allows us to utilize a variety of different ESPs, and mitigates the risk that your email activity will permamently damage the reputation of your main web domain. We do not require access to your .com domain.


One simple endpoint for all your email delivery needs.

Data can be passed as JSON encoded or as POST variables with any depth, any objects and data types. More information is availble in the API docs


The Process

Our designers will work closely with you to turn the data coming from your application into great-looking responsive emails.

  • Step 1

    Initial Consultation

    Meet one-on-one with one of our designers for about an hour to review your look and feel and the different types of email you'll be sending from your application. You'll also get your Postral-managed email domain name and pickup your API keys, and get some basic instruction on the API.

  • Step 2

    API Integration

    Start integrating our REST endpoint https://deliver.postral.com/email_name into your application with the test api key. There's no need to set up anything, just start sending the data and emails you'll need delivered. Read up on the api docs to see just how easy and flexible it is.

  • Step 3

    Design Kickoff

    Our designers will use the data and emails you've been sending to design great looking responsive email templates that work in any email client and browser. You'll have a chance to review the theme and all the emails and provide feedback.

  • Step 4

    Go Live!

    Swap your API key for a production version and start sending real email out of your application! Our designers will review the first few emails that are sent to ensure they are working as desired.

  • Ongoing

Simple Pricing

Great services at a reasonable price


$30 / hour

A typical email requires about an hour; 10 email templates will cost $300. Ongoing edits are charged based on time required.



$49 / month

$0.20/K emails sent*

* only applies if using Postral's internal delivery service. Sending via another ESP like SendGrid or AWS is free.

Our Amazing Team

Located in Beautiful Jacksonville, Florida

Anthony Catanese

Marketing Guru

Philip O'Donnell

Lead Engineer


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